Everything You Should Know About Uncontested Divorce

Divorce has always been a complex and emotional process for couples, but it is not always bitter. If the spouses can agree about what they want to happen, an uncontested divorce can help.

Milwaukee divorce lawyers help you and your spouse reach an agreement with all the issues in your divorce, such as sharing of custody, parenting time, alimony support, child duration of child support, division of property, division of debt, etc. Once the couple agrees on the issues mentioned above, they do not have to go into court and argue. 

Everything you should know about uncontested divorce

  • Couples with minor children and substantial assets

Any couple with minor children and substantial assets can file for an uncontested divorce if they can agree on the issues mentioned above. Couples with few disagreements can still avoid the contested divorce in court, but they have to negotiate with each other until they compromise and reach an agreement. If the communication between the spouses goes well, they can negotiate and come up with a contract. If it is still not possible to negotiate, they can try mediation to resolve their disagreements.

  • Role of attorneys

You may be able to handle your uncontested divorce by yourself without or with little help from an attorney. Still, you may have to ask an attorney to look at your paperwork and review the settlement agreement, especially if you have any children or substantial assets.

The couple having short marriage, no children, and very few assets to divide on may be able to proceed with the divorce without hiring an attorney if their state has a simple process that fits their situation.

  • Legal document preparer

A legal document preparer is an expert who helps the divorcing couple with their paperwork. In many states, legal document preparers, legal typists, or paralegals often help the separating spouses prepare court forms for their divorce. They do not give legal advice but direct the divorcing couple to helpful resources and ensure that the documents are appropriately filled so that court processes go smoothly. 

Advantages of uncontested divorce

The most significant advantage of uncontested divorce is the cost. Uncontested divorce costs are usually less than contested divorces. It can be completed just by paying the court-filling fees. Even if attorneys are involved in paperwork, the fees can be lower if the divorcing couple can reach an agreement without resorting to court proceedings. 

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