How To Get Bike Insurance Details By Vehicle Registration Number?

What Is The Vehicle Registration Number?

Any vehicle that is operating on Indian roads has a vehicle registration number, which serves as its legal and official identification number. Every newly purchased vehicle receives a registration number from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Within one month of the date of purchase, the vehicle owner must ensure that their vehicle is registered at the district RTO. A unique number, also called a permanent vehicle registration number, is assigned to the vehicle as soon as it is registered.

The dedicated plate on the back and front of the vehicle bears this registered number. Additionally, the authorised structure of the registration number may vary from vehicle to vehicle. A vehicle is uniquely identified using its registration number. It consists of numbers and letters, with the first two letters denoting the state code and the following two numbers representing the district code. The following letters display the RTO’s current series; the final four letters represent the particular vehicle number. Examples include DL 3CCN 4564.

Using The Vehicle Registration Number To Purchase Two-Wheeler Insurance

The insured must enter their registration number when buying a two-wheeler or bike insurance policy online. Once purchased, the insurance policy’s information is associated with the vehicle’s registration number. The RTO can access it easily.

How Can I Check My Bike Insurance Details With My Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

A two-wheeler is given a registration number, which is a unique number. It is used to verify the information about the connected two-wheeler. You can retrieve two-wheeler insurance information by the registration number if you want to know when the policy will expire. You may also need the policy number along with it. Visit the websites of the State Transport Department or  RTO, as well as the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways’ official website. All the information about the motor vehicle insurance policy will be shown here after you enter the vehicle registration number and other required relevant details, if any.

How To Renew A Bike Insurance Policy Using The Vehicle’s VIN

One can use the bike’s registration number to renew a bike insurance policy. The registration number is connected to the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance policy.One can track the policy details using this number. As a result, they can renew a two-wheeler insurance policy on time.

When You Want To Find Your  Vehicle’s Registration Number

The number listed on the number plate of your two-wheeler is the same as  the two-wheeler’s registration number. So, finding a bike’s registration number is as simple as looking at the number plate. This registration number can be found on the bike’s Registration Certificate (RC) as well, in case you are not able to access your bike.

Other Ways To Access Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Information

You can easily find all the comprehensive bike insurance online policy details by contacting the insurance provider. To help the insurer confirm that they are dealing with the right person, as many details as possible must be provided. Once the information is verified, the insurance provider issues a duplicate bike insurance policy. The insurance provider may charge a fee for issuing the same.

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