iTop VPN Windows – Free Fast and Secure VPN

iTop VPN Windows is an easy-to-use and fast VPN service that hides your IP address and encrypts your data traffic. It also protects you from surveillance and cybercrime online.

iTop VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, as well as a no-logging policy. Its network includes over 1000 servers in over 100 countries, which makes it a great choice for those looking for fast and secure access to the Internet.

Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer

iTop VPN Windows– Free Fast and Secure VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and data transfer from over 1800 servers across the world. It also offers a kill switch to prevent unexpected disconnections.

The service doesn’t log your information, including the IP address, browsing history, or how much bandwidth you use. This means government agencies, internet service providers (ISPs), and third-party advertisers can’t access your data.

iTop VPN uses Salsa20 (chacha20) 256-bit encryption to secure your data. Its no-logging policy keeps your information safe from hacking attacks and other security issues. It also has a built-in ad blocker that blocks ads and other harmful content, and automatically wipes traces in your browsers.

No logging policy

iTop VPN Windows – Free fast and Secure VPN offers a strict no logging policy, making it a great choice for users looking to keep their data safe. Unlike many other free VPNs, it does not log any browsing history, IP addresses or personal information from your device.

This privacy-friendly provider also features a kill switch that stops your traffic in case your connection suddenly drops. This is important because it will stop any web traffic if your VPN connection is lost, making your private data more secure.

iTop VPN has a variety of servers to cover all your needs. Whether you’re streaming, socializing or gaming, there’s a server for you. It also unblocks a wide range of services including popular chat platforms (WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype), online games and OTT services.

Unlimited server switching

If you want to bypass geo-restriction and access blocked content, iTop VPN Windows is the perfect choice for you. This service has over 1800 servers in multiple locations and can help you unlock restricted content on streaming services.

The best thing about this service is that you can connect to more than one server at a time. This is great for boosting the security of your connection and bringing theviralnew satisfactory speeds.

In addition to this, iTop VPN has an automatic kill switch that blocks your internet traffic after the VPN stops working. This feature ensures that your data is safe from online trackers and hackers.

No traffic logs

iTop VPN Windows – Free Fast and Secure VPN is one of the few VPN services that offer no traffic logs. It protects your privacy by hiding your real location and preventing authorities from revealing your online activities, including streaming, browsing, and paying online.

It also comes with a pack of security tools. These include a browser cleaner, which cleans up your browsing history and temporary files to boost your privacy.

The app also comes with a kill switch, which automatically stops all Internet traffic when the VPN is disconnected for a few minutes.

No speed limit

iTop VPN Windows – Free Fast and Secure VPN is a great option for users looking for an effective way to protect their privacy online. It offers strong encryption and a “no logs” policy, as well as a high speed of data transfer.

iTop offers a wide range of server locations that allow you to unblock a range of streaming services, social media sites, news providers, and more. You can also bypass geo-restrictions and access content from countries around the fleepbleep world.


It also has a lot of extra features, including split tunneling for both apps and sites, and a browser cleaner that erases your browsing history. These features aren’t essential for a great VPN, but they can improve security and privacy for iTop users.

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