Path Of Exile 3.21: 3 Most Popular Starter Builds & More POE Currency Info

Recently, a brand new build in Path of Exile 3.21 has caught the attention of players. I believe every player has their favorite POE builds. There are also related voting activities in the community. Among them, the top four most popular builds voted by players are Arc Totem Hierophant, Righteous Fire Juggernaut, Summon Raging Spirits Guardian, and Toxic Rain Raider.

Not surprisingly, Righteous Fire Juggernaut won, followed by Toxic Rain Raider, followed by Arc Totem Hierophant and Summon Raging Spirits Guardian.

Righteous Fire Juggernaut

Now let’s talk about the winner, Righteous Fire Juggernaut, which is also Marauder class. Here, you can use all of Juggernaut’s Tankness and Life Regeneration to easily sustain the damage of Righteous Fire, then work your way through the endgame to the goodness of this build. Once you get a build that maintains Righteous Fire, it’s a great way to play the game.

When you started clearing the map, you may not have noticed that this character is also a Super Tanky, which is very difficult to kill. Of course, this build also has some flaws, the damage to the boss in the early stage is not high.

But don’t worry, you can easily kill map bosses even on a low budget. But if you don’t throw in some Divine Orbs, it might take you longer than usual to kill Guardians and Pinnacle bosses.

Another problem is that we, as a Marauder, are having a bit of trouble using spell upgrades. But if you follow exactly the steps in the upgrade section of the full guide, you won’t have a problem with your budget.

You can get destroyed early endgame maps with only about 105 Chaos. But if you follow the crafting tips in the full guide, then you can easily upgrade to Yellow Maps. You only need to invest about 150 Chaos and can easily complete your Atlas. I suggest you can throw in about 4 Divine Orbs, mainly to boost your survivability.

Additionally, this build requires two mandatory unique items. The first is Legacy of Fury boots. They scorch nearby enemies and cause them to explode with amazing clarity. Another mandatory unique item is Immortal Flesh Belt. This one provides massive health regeneration and even a powerful armor buff for clear speed.

This means no need to stop to cast spells and saves a lot of time, while still dealing damage to the boss. On the other hand, it also has certain defects. Because it needs you buy POE Currency a lot to enable good DPS for Guardians and Pinnacle bosses. But don’t worry, this build can still easily kill map bosses with low-budget survivability.

As you can see on POB, this grants over 100000 points of armor, 2000 points of live regeneration per second, over 87% of all elemental resistance. Even more than block spell damage with a 50% chance.

Flicker Strike Slayer

Players will then choose between Flicker Strike Slayer, Essense Drain, Occultist, Venom Gyre Deadeye, and Explosive Arrow Champion.

Of these builds, Flicker Strike was voted best, followed by Venom Gyre. So now we come to Flicker Strike Slayer from Duelist class. In this patch, players can use Terminal Est to maintain the frenzy charges you need to keep flickering.

Especially for beginners, Flicker Strike is a great and simple build. If I were to list the good things about this build, I’d have to say it’s the same as the other Flicker builds. Its attack speed is surprisingly fast, and it can kill a powerful boss quickly. And it also has instant Life Leech for increased survivability.

Speaking of its shortcomings, I have to recall that it is always very close to the enemy, which will always put the player in a weak position. Another problem is that the characters are controlled. You need to pay attention to your position and to attack the correct enemy.

As for the budget, I can only estimate for now. But usually, you can get destroying early endgame maps with only about 80 Chaos to easily advance to Yellow Maps. Also, you need to invest around 120 Chaos to easily complete your Atlas.

I suggest you can throw in about 4 Divine Orbs. For this build, you only need one mandatory unique item. Is Terminus Est sword, it will keep your frenzy charges at the highest level.

This build easily does millions of damage per second. This makes it easy to kill powerful bosses. Even this build still has over 100000 effective HP and high armor, evasion and spell suppression. But also because we are always close to the enemy and in a weak position. So we still need to use Cyclone Slayer and Infernal Flicker Strike.

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Super Cyclone Slayer

Finally, you have these 4 builds to choose from: Infernal Flicker Strike Ascendant, Fire Cyclone Berserker, Spark Inquisitor, and Super Cyclone Slayer. Unsurprisingly, Slayer was voted best again. But now with this Super Cyclone patch.

And now let’s talk about the eventual winner, Super Cyclone Slayer from Duelist class. This build turns you into a walking blender with extremely high damage output and clearing speed.

Speaking of the good things about this build, I’ll start with its clearing speed. It can slaughter all enemies in its path while moving. Its boss damage is also amazing. Once built, we’ll kill even the strongest bosses in seconds. This build is also easy to put together. It doesn’t even need any mandatory unique POE Items.

Now list the cons. You’ll see that this build has great survivability once complete. But as you level up your character, you’ll need to adjust your progress. Because you are always very close to the enemy. If you are not ready, you will die. So use the extra time to get to higher levels before you jump into premium content.

You can get stun immunity through cluster jewels, but not everyone can immediately afford the large amount of POE Currency required. In this case, although you don’t have cluster jewels, you can use this simple trick to help you gain this ability.

Usually it destroying early endgame maps, only about 90 Chaos, making it easy to get into Yellow Maps. You’ll also need to invest around 115 Chaos to easily complete your Atlas. I suggest that you can increase your clearing speed by throwing in 6 Divine Orbs.

Even though this build still has over 80000 effective health. But you still need to pay attention. You are too close to the enemy, and you are always in a weak position. Please be vigilant at all times.

That wraps up our discussion of some of our favorite starter builds in 3.21 Crucible this time around. Hopefully, this will help you understand the builds better, and I’ll stay tuned for what’s next on Crucible league. I wish you all the best and don’t forget to keep building.

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