The raw Hairs Vs. The virgin Hairs- What’s The Difference

Consumers are getting more informed about their options regarding cost, quality, and various hair extensions like 36 inch hair, etc. Many kinds of extensions are available today, including wigs, bundles, rawhide, virgin hair, and many more. It might be challenging to comprehend exactly what “hair extensions are.” There are a few principles of human hair weaves extensions that everyone,

regardless of experience level, one should be aware.

We’ll talk about the distinction between the virgin hairs and the raw hairs in this blog. You’re probably asking yourself, “isn’t this a similar thing,” as you read this. You need to understand where you are investing your hard-earned money if you want to be a genuinely satisfying experience. So let’s start now.

Raw Hair: What Is It?

The definition of “raw hair” is “the raw, untreated, cent percent human’s hair.” Unprocessed implies that something has not been subjected to heat, chemically treated, and sometimes processed in steam.

The natural type of hair available in the market is called The raw hairs. The quality of straight hair is excellent and can last you for many years. The lack of diversity in The raw hairs is a drawback. Manufacturers of natural hair obtain it straight from donors before putting it through a thorough cleaning process.

Most donations come from Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. You won’t be able to quickly achieve those hot current styles of tight curled or wavy body soon because the hair types from these donors don’t differ much.

Straighten, and natural waves or wavy are the two main styles of raw hair that are typically offered. Compared to virgin hair, the raw hair naturally has a less smooth texture and is relatively close to coarser textures. The curly hairstyles are another option for natural hair.

Not both bundles of raw hair are similar, which is both its beauty and their beast. Because the hairs are not heated to create unified patterns, they won’t be drastically different from one another but will never be identical. In the marketplace, there are so many extensions naming

30-inch bundles are also available to get your beauty to the next level.

Type of Raw hairs:

Indian hairs:

The raw Indian hairs are very well-liked by customers and typically comes in lighter brown shades, which might be beneficial if you integrate them with light colors.

The raw Vietnamese hairs:

Highlights of Raw Vietnamese have a very straight texture. They are smooth and ideal for those sleek, silky looks. Additionally, the texture blends beautifully with the natural hairs.

The raw hairs of Cambodia:

Natural Cambodian hairs are highly full-bodied and are known to be available in curlier styles. Please view our complete menu of the Top The raw and The Virgin Hair Sellers in the field and our Raw Cambodian Vendor.

What is The Virgin Hairs?

The term “the virgin hair” is far more common in this field.

Almost every hair shop claims that they carry 40 in hair, the virgin hairs; whether you are not adequately informed, you could fall victim to a scam, waste thousands of hard-earned money, and wind up with hair that is damaged. No, we don’t play that, girl! Knowledge is Power!

“virgin hair” refers to hair without any chemical processing. The hairs that have undergone chemical processing include hairs that have been colored, relaxed, dyed, permed and bleached.

Which industry chemically treats hairs?

It looks excellent, to put it briefly. Remember the days when hair was sold in packs at your neighborhood beauty supply shop? Recall how your hair was so lovely and shiny. The hair’s chemical processing caused that, I suppose. Hair extensions are given a more consistent and attractive appearance through chemical processing. It covers the hair in silicones to give it a shinier, more attractive finish.

The dar of this type of hair is that after washing it, it ceases to be “excellent.” It shed, tangled, matted, and even changed colors.

You might wonder why we’re mentioning “pack hair” when discussing virgin hair. So here’s the short version! You may get a package of hair bundle costs from various businesses.

The Virgin hairs, the businesses are marketing as such, has undergone bleaching, color treatments, and chemical processes.

the various processing types

So let’s review. We’ve already addressed a few different types of hair processing, including color-treated, relaxed, permed, bleached, or colored hair.

This form of procedure belongs called chemical processing.

Hair extensions can also go through the steam process, which is less damaging to the hair and, when done correctly, increases the hair’s quality and lifespan. Don’t express how lovely it appears.

The only type of hair that has been processed in the market today is considered to be natural virgin hair.

It is possible to create a variety of hot and exotic. Distinctive hairstyles using the steaming for hairs, including figure waves, deep waves or silky straight, Italian’s curls or Spanish’s curls, kinky curls, curly waves, loose waves, kinky straights, kinky Afro, natural waves, Bomb Blondes, long straight bundles, and many more. The industry requirements for hair’s extensions drastically changed in a couple of years. In reality, considering the meaning of the virgin hairs before 2016, you could assume that the hairs you bought came from a single donor and hadn’t been processed.

The beautiful thing with the hair is that the weave bundles are identical, which sews a wig and weave.

In addition, the hair could last a lot longer while maintaining the shape & style you purchased it in if you use a manufacturer or reputable hair business that has mastered its steaming method.

What types of The virgin hairs are available in the market?

Virgin hair types that are most in demand are:

Peruvian: rougher, thicker, and more robust

Brazilian is silky, shining, and light.

thicker, softer, and smoother than Malaysian

Please understand that hair doesn’t come from the nations and regions that bear their names.


These names by the hair industry assist promote hair and occasionally allude to a certain standard of excellence for that specific business.

Alternatively, natural raw hair comes from these sources. Therefore, The raw Indian hairs originates in India, as does essential Vietnamese hair, and so on.

What one should really need to understand about the difference between The virgin and The raw hair depends on your preference. Consider whether you like raw hair’s somewhat rougher, more natural advantages or trendy styles, textures, and patterns offered by virgin hair.

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