Why Write a Prologue to the Web of Things?

In the world of technology, the prologue is like an introductory novel, a chapter before the main narrative. A prologue forces the reader to think about the elements of a story and the characters they are going to meet. This can keep the reader from fully immersing themselves in the now. Because of this, many people do not like to write prologues. This article explains why. It will be interesting to read.

Science fiction novel

In fiction, it’s often a story with a prologue. In a science fiction novel, a prologue is a brief introduction to the main characters’ lives, but it’s not necessarily the same as a full chapter. It sets up the setting for the main character to come in, which explains the title. The prologue begins with the characters being conceived and developed.


A prologue is often long, and the author may be trying to explain the background of a character. If they’re trying to explain the background of an event, a prologue may make the book seem rushed or boring. However, if it’s a prologue to a new book, the audience might get confused, resulting in a prologue that ends up confusing them.

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