5 Things To Know About Circumcision For Adults

Circumcision is surgery to remove the foreskin of the penis. The foreskin is a harmless tissue that covers the head of the penis. In many cultures and religions, circumcision is a part of tradition. It is one of the most common surgeries done in the US. Clinics like Lazare Urology offer the surgery in Brooklyn, and you can meet an experienced urologist to learn more about adult circumcision. We have discussed five things about circumcision below.

  1. Circumcision will not affect fertility or sexual function. Yes, you read that right. There is no difference in how a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis react to touch or stimulation. Circumcision is usually done within ten days of childbirth, while adults may consider the option for religious, cosmetic, and medical reasons.
  2. Circumcision helps keep the penis clean and is often considered by many men for hygiene reasons. Data also shows that circumcised men are less likely to suffer from penile infections, including viewster UTIs and penile cancer. Note that the surgery is not medically necessary.
  3. Adults may need circumcision for medical reasons. The most common conditions that may require this surgery include balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis, and paraphimosis. If the foreskin is too tight (phimosis), it may impact the ability to enjoy sexual activities and keep the penis clean.
  4. Adult circumcision is usually done under general anesthesia, which means you will not feel any pain. The procedure remains the same, where the foreskin is moved back and removed. Dissolvable stitches are usually used. Circumcision for adults may take up to an hour, and the recovery time could be six weeks.  
  5. There are a few inherent risks related to the surgery, which include bleeding and infection. If you didn’t urinate normally after circumcision for more than a few hours, feel free to talk to your urologist. Watch out for excessive bleeding and foul cinewap.

Other things to know

As an adult, you have to focus on rest for at least two to five days after circumcision. You will also need antibiotics and pain relief medications and must avoid lifting heavy things viewster. Always wear loose, comfortable clothing during the healing period. You shouldn’t take a bath or go into the pool for at least a week after circumcision. Your doctor will usually advise against sex for a minimum of four weeks, while it can take longer for the penis to heal. Erections can be painful, which is normal.

Check with a urologist to know more!

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