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3 Reasons Instagram is Important for Business

The way people promote products is different from a decade ago. And nowadays businesses are dependent on the Internet, which is their  first necessary tool to reach their audience. 

Instagram was released in 2010 and it quickly became the favorite social media platforms of users all over the world. After the release of TikTok in 2016, Instagram gave its first place to it and descended to the second place and keeps its honorable name of “second the most used social media platform”. 

With the boom of social media in the last decade the way  businesses reach their audience changed. They  started using Instagram as a means of promotion for their products or services. A job called “social media management” appeared and quickly became highly in demand. SMM specialists conduct the social media accounts of brands, that is why they are well paid and employed also remotely to work by using for example, a coworking space software

1. Large audience

The possibility to reach large masses of users is one of the reasons businesses use Instagram. A lot of people hang there and businesses target their potential clients on Instagram. 

There can be times when the social media marketing strategy does not prove itself. That is why companies secure their campaigns with HVAC contractor insurance

2. Posting shopping experiences of other customers 

Instagram accounts of brands are free to post the content they want, since it is consumed by Instagram users. Social media managers try to post  content that is interesting and  attractive. They post eye-catching visuals and interesting stories about the field of the product of the company they work in. They interact with customers on Instagram and build relationships with them. 

Not less important is the fact that they usually share the good shopping experiences of their customers, who post them on their personal Instagram accounts. When users see the results of other customers, it is the best advertising the product can have: it comes straight from other consumers. 

Instagram stories have a life of 24 hour. After 24 hours they disappear. Users can use the Ingramer story tool to watch the old stories of the brand’s profile they are interested in. 

3. Video marketing 

Video marketing in 2022 is the most powerful tool of marketing according to many surveys and researches. In 2020 Instagram welcomed a new format of video content- reels, which quickly were loved by the Instagram users. Reels and videos on Instagram can reach a bigger audience  than images today. 


Instagram is one of the most beloved social media platforms all over the world. And after being used just for networking and fun, now it has become a marketing channel for companies. It surely is important for most B2C businesses, but there are some products that will not succeed on Instagram: for example specific types of cables for technology are not “Instagrammable”. 

Now you know the reasons Instagram is important for business. But do a very good research on the target audience, before putting your product to promotion on Instagram. 

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