5 Unusual Ways To Tie A Necktie

No matter the occasion, a proper necktie is something that many men take seriously -with good reason. It can add an extra flair of dignity and class to your formal attire, making what could have been an ordinary ensemble into one worthy of admiration and envy. 

Though there are undoubtedly classic ways to tie a necktie that most people know, this article will explore five unusual methods for adding a bit of unexpected panache to your look. Read on if you’re ready for fun but stylish alternatives for wearing your favourite tie!

1. Nicky Knot

Nicky Knot is an inventive way to wear a necktie. Whether for a formal occasion or just because, this unique knot style allows wearers to show off their originality and fashion sense. The Nicky Knot is tied differently than a standard four-in-hand knot, and it requires one extra step that creates an eye-catching twisted shape at the center of the tie that gives it an aesthetically pleasing look. 

This more complex knot also ensures the material won’t slip throughout the day, giving wearers peace of mind that their outfit will stay put until they’re ready to take it off. With its modern flair and innovative twist on time-honoured menswear, tying your necktie with the style of Nicky Knot is sure to turn heads.

2. Vest bowtie

For those looking to stand out in the boardroom, try pairing a vest bowtie with a sport coat for a modern and eye-catching look. Knowing how to make this bold accessory is a great skill as it ties your outfit together (pun intended!) and lets you get creative with formal wear.

3. Victoria Knot

This attractive knot creates a small but sleek bow with limited fabric at the black of the tie, creating an unforgettable look yet still stylishly professional. Using fewer folds than other knots and less material when tied correctly, the Victoria Knot is easy to learn, difficult to forget, and looks great with any collared shirt, from polo to suits. 

Whether you want to make yourself stand out among co-workers or want some new style in your wardrobe, taking the time to learn how to tie a Victoria Knot might be exactly what you need.

4. Red tie and pocket square

A necktie is an accessory that makes a suit stand out. Instead of choosing a safe, plain style, why not try something unique and show off your personality? A thoughtful way to tie a necktie is with a bright red tie and pocket square

The combination creates a splash of colour that adds character and charm to your suit. Start by pairing the vibrant red tie with a white shirt and coordinating pocket square in the jacket’s breast pocket. 

Then, use the different patterns in the pocket square to add dimension to your final knot. Not only will this look stylish and eye-catching, but it will instantly draw attention wherever you go!

5. Half Windsor Knot

The Half Windsor knot is an easy yet stylish way to tie a necktie. With just a few simple steps, an everyday outfit can instantly be dressed and taken to the next level of sophistication. The Half Windsor knot is wider and thicker than the standard four-in-hand knot and is best used for collared shirts with wider spread collars. 

Plus, you’ll be able to show off your fabric pattern because of its higher positioning on the torso. So, if you’re looking for a go-to knot that will never fail you in any situation, the Half Windsor may be the perfect option!



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