6 Essential Bike Accessories, 2022

Bike accessories aren’t just for show. They can add functionality to your bike while keeping you safe on the road. With all of the add-ons available in 2022, you can pick and choose the perfect options to customize an electric bike for women to fit all of your unique needs.

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Think you’re missing some essentials for your bike? Read on to find out.

Don’t Forget Your Helmet

A helmet is a must-have even for skilled adult cyclists. You don’t want to suffer through a concussion or skull injury that could have been prevented with one piece of gear.

The good news is that helmets can be stylish! The foam and plastic helmets you may remember from childhood aren’t your only option. Sleek, solid helmets can be painted or decorated to suit your taste.

Stay Safe and Stylish With Bike Lights

Another vital safety feature is add-on lights. A pair of small, lightweight handlebar lights can show you the road in dark or rainy conditions and reduce your risk of an accident.

For maximum visibility, make your wheels into your bike lights. Flashy light-up wheels aren’t limited to expensive custom bikes.

Wheel lights are wallet-friendly and simple to attach to any bike. These eye-catching accessories spin with your wheels, so you’re impossible to miss even in the worst conditions.

On Trend Pannier Bags

Whether you’re taking your bike to the trail, work, or a morning lecture, storage is your best friend. In 2022, your bike storage is no longer limited to what you can fit in the basket or on the rear rack.

Pannier bags organize your things, making your bike double as the ultimate backpack. Emergency kits, school books, work files, or snacks can all fit in pouches that attach securely to your bike. No more worrying about tying small objects down. Plus, they can add a fun, colorful look.

A Rear Rack Adds More Storage

Even with your pannier bags and basket, you can never have enough storage options. Large items need to be secured to the bars of a rear rack, which sits over the rear wheel. With a rear rack and some bungee cords on hand, your bike will be able to transport far more than before.

Bike Better With a Bell

The bell on a bike is like a car’s horn — a quick way to signal to pedestrians, cars, and other bikers that you’re there, or that you see a safety hazard. Bells come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can pick one that will add personality to your bike.

Complete Your Bike With a Basket

A bicycle basket is the classic finishing touch. Not only does it give your bike the charming E.T. look, but it’s also a practical way to keep important items like your phone or lunch in view as you ride. A timeless wicker basket adds an antique flair to your bike, while a metal basket can give it a modern edge.

You and your bike deserve the best accessories, so don’t skip the essentials in 2022.

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