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Beat the Forex Dealer

Beat the Forex Dealer is a guidebook for currency trading enthusiasts that teaches how to take advantage of the unethical practices of the currency markets. It explains the tricks of the trade and the dirty dealings of the dealers that plague the currency market. The author, Agustin Silvani, is the head of trading for the MIGFX Inc., one of the world’s largest financial services companies. He has firsthand knowledge of the currency market and writes about it in an accessible style that is easy to understand. He outlines the basics and highlights common traps that traders fall into and helps them avoid them.

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The only option for investors

A forex dealer is a financial institution that trades in foreign exchange on behalf of other banks. They buy and sell currencies to meet the needs of retail investors. While the banks are the main players in the foreign exchange market, there are other firms that provide liquidity liquidity provider for this industry. The foreign exchange market is divided into many levels, and the transactions between these entities can involve hundreds of millions of dollars. Because there is little oversight over the foreign exchange market, banks and non-bank financial companies are often the only options for investors.

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In the forex market, dealers take opposite positions from retail traders and provide liquidity to the market. They make their money through the spread. Unlike retail traders, forex dealers usually win most of the time. But they also have the advantage of being able to recycle their positions quickly. If you’re not in a position to make a profit, the forex dealer is the best choice. They’ll be able to make you a nice profit while you’re sat at home. visit here best crypto exchange website.

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