How to Add Glitz and Glamor to Any Party

Why throw a boring party when you can kick it up a notch?  Glitz and glamor can create a night anyone will remember; these are the top tips to make your event as fun as possible!

Pick a Venue That Shines

Your venue should speak for the event!  This means finding a location that’s classy and gorgeous, and that isn’t a location most of your guests would go to regularly.  This could mean renting out a large dance hall or renting out the first floor of a mansion for the night, but regardless of what you do: do it early.  Waiting will make the rental more expensive and might make it unavailable when you need it.

Set a Dress Code

A dress code might be stressful to set: but it’s a must to ensure your night feels classy and glamorous.  Don’t define it with just one word on your invitation; instead, be clear on what you’d like people to wear.

Avoid setting standards by gender (i.e., women-only wearing dresses) but be clear on the length of garments or colors if those matter to your party’s theme.  Allow people to ask questions if they have any, and be clear on what’s expected and what will happen if you show up to the even underdressed.

Get Entertainment That’s Stunning

The entertainment you hire says a lot about the event you’re hiring!  You can’t simply hire anyone for your event. Instead, you need to stun people and surprise them.  The best way to do this is to catch them off guard with a bit of fame.

Although it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get the princess of pop: consider hiring a Britney Spears impersonator!  This type of performer will turn heads all night long and leave everyone’s eyes glued to the stage throughout her entire performance.

Skip the Buffet for Catering

A buffet is a classic for many events: but skip it if you’re trying to go for a classier event.  Instead, go for catering that brings multiple courses out to each of the guests.  Although this is more expensive and can be time-consuming: there’s nothing more impressive than running your own mini restaurant for an evening.

Make sure to send out menus ahead of time, including options that are kosher, halal, vegetarian, or celiac friendly.  This will allow people to feel welcome regardless of their dietary restrictions.

Plan Ahead as Much as Possible

Planning ahead is a must.  The further ahead you warn your guests, the better they’ll be able to financially plan for this with better clothes and possibly better arrival (i.e., renting a limo!).

Planning ahead as far as possible also ensures you can score the venue, entertainment, caterer, and anything else you want so that you can have the event of a lifetime instead of one cobbled together from what’s available at the last second.

Your Party is Going to Stun

Whether this is the first event you’ve ever thrown, or you’re trying to up your event planning game: follow these tips to stun and amaze your guests!

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