How to choose the right children’s furniture: some tips for parents

The appearance of children in the family is a major event, associated, however, not only with positive emotions, but also with some costs and difficulties. One of these difficulties is the choice of furniture for the children’s room. It is this section of the interior works usually makes a good think even experienced parents, who have not the first child. However, in fact, everything is not so complicated. There are certain rules, following which you can, without too much trouble to decide on the choice.

Furniture requirements

The furniture for the children’s room have special requirements, because in this room, children spend a significant amount of time. And given the extent of their mobility and attention to the surrounding things, you need to be especially careful when choosing the material from which the furniture is made.

The main criterion for furniture selection by material is hypoallergenic – thinks Yurovskiy, owner of a furniture company.

Hypoallergenic material allows parents not to worry about the health of the child, because the furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials without the use of various harmful impurities and paint.

Of course, you should avoid furniture with sharp corners. They can cause injury to a child who is actively exploring the world or spending time in moving games. The same applies to the use of breakable materials – especially glass. Furniture must be sturdy, because it will have to go through and more than once a serious test of the child’s efforts.

The best material for the nursery is wood. It has a high degree of strength, and not causing allergies, and it lasts a long time. Even better if it is covered with lacquer or other protective coatings, giving it the ability to resist deformation. In addition to wood, you can use furniture made of plastic and chipboard, but make sure that plastic furniture has a quality certificate, and furniture made of chipboard has the lowest rate of formaldehyde emissions.

Age is the main focus

The main emphasis here is on the age and gender of the child. If the room is for a boy, then you need more space for active games and more furniture “to grow. This means that chairs, armchairs and tables are better to choose from adjustable height.

How much furniture will be in the room and what type of furniture you choose depends on the square footage of the room. However, even if the nursery is quite spacious, a lot of furniture elements should not be in it. The best option to save space would be sectional furniture, as well as various transformers. Armchair beds or bunk beds with a built-in game table below will be a great solution for the nursery.

Children’s furniture should be as strong as possible, functional and not cause problems during use.

Drawers and doors of furniture should be easy to open and close, and the mounts should be made of metal. It is better to refuse plastic, because it is not as reliable in terms of durability says furniture expert.

Important components of the nursery, or a little about furniture ergonomics

The nursery certainly has a set of must-have furniture that is purchased first. This includes a table for study or creative activity (it is suitable regardless of the child will be drawn to science or creativity), a computer table (yes, it must go separately, not serve as a table for technology and studies at the same time), bed or chair-bed, chairs, bedside table (the child must store somewhere his personal belongings), closet and shelves. And it’s good if there are books. The more different literature on the shelves, the more chances to accustom your child to the useful activity – reading.

Children’s table should be chosen based on the growth of the child. Its height should be at the level of the elbows for maximum comfort. The shape of the table should be rectangular. It is this, not round, to bypass the discomfort. If you want your child to sit at the computer in a comfortable position and with great joy, pick for this purpose office chair with a bright color. And the posture will be correct and the impressions will be just as bright.

Children’s bed with high leg height or high position (applies to the second tier) should have limiting edges, so that the child’s safety was at a premium. The mattress should be provided with a cover.

For children’s beds the best choice will be orthopedic mattresses with hypoallergenic filler.

Bed or chair-bed size should be optimal for the child, so when lying on it he did not feel any discomfort. Children’s closet is better selected for the height of the inhabitant of the room – there is nothing more comfortable when the cabinet is the same height as you, and it has no inaccessible places. However, if you do decide to buy a tall closet, then make sure that the upper doors in it close securely.

Shelves in the children’s room are always under increased strain, so choose them with a high margin of safety and in no case place them over the bed.

Nightstand is more like additional furniture in a child’s room, but with what pleasure the child shovels his toys, personal belongings and other sundries, and on top of it you can put a night lamp.

Little tricks

There are a few more simple rules to keep in mind in order to provide your child with maximum comfort.

For a boy, the furniture is equipped with additional sports elements, so that over time he will be able to get stronger – push-ups, pull-ups, etc. For girls, the furniture is better equipped with a large number of shelves – for toys and small trinkets, as well as for beautiful odisha discom accessories, which can be picked up over time.

The color scheme – it is of course a matter of your taste. But also carelessly treating the selection of a color palette is not worth it. It is better not to make the nursery in the same tone, and divide it into zones, each of which will be marked with its own color. The colors can be saturated, the main thing is not to be too bright. The color of the wood should range from light to brown. Anything darker is better abandoned, so as not to visually narrow the space. It is in this room, the child should feel the freedom, and not feel the boundaries.

If there is free space is not superfluous will be a sports corner and a mirror, so that the child could see himself from the side during classes. If a rug and a small Swedish wall for gymnastics will be enough for a girl, then the boy can be equipped with a wall rings, rope and ladders, so he could strengthen physically not only in gym class, but also at home.

It is important that the children’s room like not only you, but also the child. So if you can – take it with you when you go to choose furniture. Then you can count on the fact that the children’s room will be your child’s favorite, and he will be very happy to spend time in it.

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