How To Enjoy Your Yard This Fall Without Mosquitoes 

Spending time outdoors in your yard and enjoying the sunset with your family, having good food, and talking to your loved ones can be great. However, this quality time with your family can quickly become a nightmare if pesky mosquitoes swarm you. This usually happens in the warmer months when the number of mosquitoes is at its peak. 

With over 3,000 species of mosquitoes and over 200 living in the US alone, your backyard is never safe from these bloodsuckers. Mosquitoes are not only annoying with their buzzing sound and bites, but they also carry life-threatening diseases like Malaria and Dengue. To protect yourself and your family, consult with Rove Pest Control today. 

A pest control professional can help in effectively getting rid of these mosquitoes. 

Tips for enjoying your yard without mosquitoes 

  • Keep your yard free from debris. 

Clearing debris, such as fallen leaves, broken lawn furniture, child or pet toys, weeds, fallen branches, and tall grass, is the first step to removing mosquitoes from your yard. As long as you give them a place to hide, they will return. Debris makes the perfect shelter for mosquitoes, giving them warmth and protection from other wildlife. 

  • Use a mosquito. 

If you are the camping type and plan to camp under the stars in your yard with your special one, a mosquito net would be beneficial. Without one, you can expect these flying bloodsuckers to ruin your romantic camping night in under an hour. A mosquito is one of the best solutions for smaller areas and is also easy to carry. 

  • Drain excess water from your landscape. 

To get rid of mosquitoes in your yard, you must get rid of every source of standing water, such as bird feeders, collected rain water, open drains, etc. Water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore, if you leave standing water outside, you invite them to expand their population. 

  • Add mosquito-repelling plants to your landscape. 

Adding mosquito-repelling plants in your yard will allow you to beautify your home as well as get rid of these bloodsuckers all at the same time. Plants that can repel mosquitoes include the following: 

  • Catnip
  • Marigolds
  • Citronella
  • Bee balm 
  • Lavender
  • American beautyberry
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint

The best places to plant these plants are the “hot spots” where mosquitoes are most likely to congregate, such as the front porch, back patio, low points of land, moist areas of the yard, etc. 

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