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If you’re looking for a new way to discover music, you’ve found it with Jamendo. The music-sharing platform boasts an artist roster of over 40 thousand artists and a catalog of more than 150 thousand tracks. The team of twenty is based in Luxembourg, Paris, and Brussels. Whether you’re a music lover or a techie looking for a great new way to play your favorite tracks, Jamendo has it openculture.

Jamendo was founded in 2004 by three French entrepreneurs who believed that every artist deserved a platform to promote their music. This wasn’t the case in 2004, when streaming services like YouTube weren’t even a dream. Jamendo publiclawtoday was one of the few legal ways to share music and promote artists. Eventually, the company merged with YouTube, which grew into a colossal force in the music industry. With the success of Jamendo, other platforms began offering similar services, but without the limitations yourjobnews.

Music downloaded from Jamendo can be used for personal or commercial use, without paying a dime. Music lovers can use Jamendo to connect with independent artists who want to bestlawyers360 share their music and gain revenue through music synchronization licensing, which includes music for movies, television shows, and websites. You can use this music to set the mood in your home, office, or anywhere else you can think of. Jamendo also offers a variety of other services for commercial use, such as integrating with VLC media players and music video editing citizennews.

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