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By Ping’ is the term used to describe how we can manage our time better. We can set goals and make plans and use technology to track our progress towards those goals. This can be a very useful tool to help us in our work as a lawyer, but there are also some negative effects of using it laws4life.

Time By Ping

Using AI and data analytics, Time By Ping claims to make it easy to track your time, manage billing, and keep employees engaged. The cloud-based software is easy to use and can be up and running in a matter of weeks. It automatically captures your employee’s computer activities and filters out idle time. It then displays release-ready time organized by matter. The company also offers suggestions on how to boost focus.

Time By Ping has been in operation since 2016, based in San Francisco, California, and was founded by Kourosh Zamani, Janesh Gupta, and Matthew Bordas. The company has raised more than $55 million to date, including a series B funding round led by ACME. The company has also raised a number of awards, including the 2017 giveme5 Innovation Award from the Law Technology Association and the 2017 ABA Emerging Technology Award.

Time By Ping offers data analytics for large law firms. The software provides lawyers with clean data that can help them understand how their firm spends time.

Impact on the legal profession

Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the legal profession. AI will automate routine tasks and free lawyers from tasks that computers cannot do. It will also improve the efficiency of legal procedures and help lawyers deliver better legal services lawyerdesk.

However, AI is also causing job losses in the legal profession. According to Deloitte’s Insight report, technology is causing the loss of 31,000 legal jobs. The report also says that there are over 80,000 jobs that could be automated in the next five years.

While it is true that AI can automate many of the mundane tasks that lawyers currently perform, it cannot take over tasks like legal advisory or negotiations. It is also not capable of reading all of the laws and regulations that lawyers need to read. Therefore, despite the positive impacts, AI will not replace lawyers anytime soon.

In fact, a recent survey of large U.S. law firms showed that almost half of the respondents believed that Watson will be used in law within five to ten years. However, most respondents also said that Watson will be used to replace lower-level tasks like paralegals lawyersmagazine.

Time Management Strategies For Knowledge Workers

Whether you are a knowledge worker, a lawyer or a CEO, you need to be aware of the best time management strategies to increase your productivity and efficiency. There are many great tools available to help you achieve this goal, and you should learn how to leverage them.


Using AI to categorize your employees activities, Time by Ping’s timesheet app provides you with a complete picture of what your employees have been up to. In addition, the app will show you which employees are more productive than others, and even suggest how to improve your overall employee satisfaction.

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