Simple Home Improvement Projects That Enhance Your Living Space

1. Fresh Coat Of Paint

Modernize, freshen, and brighten up your home with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. It is a fantastic way to ring in the new year without breaking the bank! Smaller rooms are easy to do as a DIY weekend project without the help of house painters. For much grander scale projects media posts such as an entryway or staircase, hiring professionals is a much better option. 

*If you’re looking to sell your home soon, make sure to stick to neutral colors such as beige or gray to attract buyers.

2. Install Smart Home Updates

Smart home devices are a fantastic upgrade to a home for any number of reasons. They not only save you money on energy bills, but they can organize a home and improve the efficiency of your space while also enhancing the security. Popular smart home products include remotely programmable thermostats, smart bulbs, robotic vacuum cleaners, and smart doorbells.

3. Closet Organization

Make room in your closet for the new year by purging what you don’t need or use. This includes all of the closets and catchall drawers in your home. Ask yourself some eblogz hard questions such as whether you use the item, if it has sentimental value, if it is still trendy, and consider the condition. If you find that a piece of clothing falls short of meeting any one of these standards, tossing it or donating it is the logical next step. You may also consider selling clothing in good condition online through Poshmark or Mercari. Another great way to purge your clothing and accessories collection is to take it to a local consignment store. It frees up space and money to invest in new trendy and fashionable items.

4. Pantry Clean Out

Since you’ve just cleaned out your closet, make the kitchen pantry the next on your list! Go through all of the foodstuffs in there and throw out anything that’s expired, old or otherwise unused. In many instances, this can also include cooking utensils and unwanted cookbooks. Dig deep and also go through your kitchen drawers because they tend to accumulate junk mail, old utensils, and anything you simply wanted to hide. Consider setting boundaries for your kitchen drawer by limiting one or two categories of items you place inside. For example, dedicate an entire drawer to utensils or dish rags only.

5. Chimney Servicing

If you regularly use your fireplace, make sure you also get your chimney serviced professionally. In fact, having maintenance work carried out on your chimney not only protects against soot damage and fires, but also the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. Though you may feel the urge to take matters into your own hands and potentially cut costs, never play with the health and safety of your family! Chimney maintenance is something to leave up to vetted professionals only. This also means that you should aim to do plenty of research into the background of the contractor you’re thinking of hiring for the job such as through reading reviews or checking the Better Business Bureau website.

6. Showcase Your Space

If you are lucky enough to be living in a home that is full of character be sure to emphasize this so that buyers can see its full potential. Many buyers are seeking a modern, traditional hybrid. Take a look at this guide to furnishing mid century modern spaces.

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