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‍September 2018, 5:50 pm September 2018, 5:50 pm Post #1 Operation Confessor Wrote: I can’t see how this affects me. What are others doing? If you only pay attention for a second and think about the implications before you sound like an asshole and post, then I’d say take a step back and re-evaluate what applies to you. If you only pay attention for a second and think about the implications before you sound like an asshole and post, then I’d say take a step back and re-evaluate what applies to you. ive been doing this for years ive been doing this for years


Most employers won’t hire full time if they have to do with dealing with disabilities or mental illness, so they can’t just choose the ones who can’t work. But some companies are open to some people who need some time off because of a life-altering illness or an event that has impacted them. These are generally people who are on the margins of society and who don’t have a lot of support. These people can often be found serving as research assistants, administrative assistants, helpdesks, or whatever other jobs are open to them. If you’re interested in working here, don’t be afraid to apply and be willing to give some people a chance. If you’re not sure what to do next, or if you have other skills you think might be a good fit, the internet is a great place to find fellow humans with similar goals.

The internet is not a good yardstick

When you’re new to the game, you might get lucky and get a load of links to amazing stuff on social media and then be faced with the choice of following or walking away with no further information. But as time passes, you start to get a better understanding of how the internet works and what goes on in the comments section. When you’re dealing with millions of people, sharing things can be a powerful way to get a lot of followers and shares. If you want to get a feel for the level of friendliness of other workers in your industry, check out the cover photo of this website. You’re likely going to see a lot less glares and snarky comments from people working in the same industry as you, as compared to work in a field where people are regularly dropping their nihilistic sarcasm on your behalf.

I’m a man and it shows

Being a man, you’re going to come across as brash, optimistic, and confident. You will have a tendency to brag about your accomplishments, your women, and your money. This type of talk is usually indicative of a man who is trying to convince you that he is the best. If you don’t take this kind of talk as a compliment, you might want to look into why. It’s not unusual for friends to exchange congratulations on their wedding, but not everyone will take that as a sign that you’re the best thing since lemon drop. When someone you know is struggling, it’s easy to feel like they need to retreat into themselves and avoid eye contact with the rest of the world. When someone you know is trying to brighten your day, take the time to look them in the eye and say “I know you’re alright. I don’t know what else to do.” If someone is quiet and withdrawn when they’re around you, it might be because they’re in a state of extreme need for reassurance.

Helping other people is more important than getting Paid to work

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Everyone has a price, and those who can pay are usually the ones doing the helping. It might seem like a nice gesture to help a friend out, but if you didn’t have the money to help them out, you would have done the same thing for yourself. Sometimes, you might even feel bad for helping out a friend because it is in some sense self-indulgent. “I could use some help with my homework.” “I got in today’s test but I don’t know how to do anything about it.” “I’ve been feeling really cold.” If you feel bad for helping out a friend, try to change your mindset. If you think about it rationally, you will realize that helping out a friend is nothing but self-indulgence. It is also not the most reliable way to get paid. It’s not like you will make a million dollars in a week’s time and have no way of knowing how well it would have gone down if you had not helped out.

You don’t have to use your bf/gf to get Paid to work

It might be a given that your bf/gf is going to help out at some point in your life. Maybe you will never be able to work without his help, or maybe you will work as a single parent and need a friend’s support. Whatever the situation, you need to have a plan in place to help out. If you can’t help out on a self- motivated basis, then it might be that the time has come to end the relationship. If you have a serious issue that needs solving, talk to a friend about it. If you have no plans of ever seeing your friend again, you should probably leave the relationship.

Why should I pay for something that doesn’t help me?

If you don’t have a job, then you probably aren’t particularly partyguise interested in working in a line of work that requires your presence. But for those people out there who do find some work, there are always people willing to give you a chance. It takes the average person about a month to get a single offer from a job, so don’t take any of these as the LAW.

Bottom line

The internet is a great place to find fellow humans with similar goals. It also makes it very easy to meet people who share similar passions and dreams as you. You just might end up meeting people who are able to offer support and guidance. So take whatever advice you can from other people and apply it to your own life.

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