What Are the Best Models of Bridgestones Run Flat Tires?

A run flat tire is a tire with a special valve and the ability to absorb shocks while driving. These tires are more flexible than original run flats and have the same tread depth. They also have a lower vertical stiffness deflection index (VSD) and are thinner. This makes them softer and more susceptible to sidewall deformations. In addition, they are less comfortable to drive on because they require less pressure.

The perfect solution

A Bridgestone DriveGuard run flat tire was launched in 2016, just outside Nice, France. It fits on any vehicle with a TPMS and is resealable, making them the perfect solution for drivers who do not have the time to change the tyre on their own. In addition to being repairable, conventional run flat tires are designed with thicker sidewalls to bear the weight of a car when it’s punctured. This allows the driver to continue their journey without any worries.


The next generation of run flat tyres has made it even safer for drivers. The technology behind these tires is so advanced that they work on interconnected technologies. They will be the standard in new cars in the future. Whether they are installed in a new vehicle or not, these tyres will make driving a lot easier and safer. There is no better time to upgrade your car’s tires than right now.

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