What is the Sic Bo betting formula?

Sic Bo betting formula on mobile phone that it has. What techniques are there? Let’s play Sic Bo on the phone to make money. The formula for betting on mobile phone Sic Bo will not work on the players as well and it does not. 100% effective, but I guarantee that at least it will make a profit for everyone, more or less. We will explain and give some examples for easy understanding as follows:

Easy to play, sure

This technique is to reduce the risk by placing a bet that the Sic Bo score can be issued more easily than other types. It is said that the chances of us winning the bet are high. The technique of using this method is to keep an eye on the statistics box of the game and wait for the right moment. We will wait for the moment when the result of the ball has the same result repeatedly, many times in a row when the bet has action. Come out the same 2-3 times in a row or more. If this kind of rhythm occurs, we can stab it because the chances of repeating the same pattern are high. Although this form of betting has a lower payout rate than other forms, if it’s cheap often, it has the right to change it to a lump sum as well, right?

But to make everyone more confident, we have research that has been tested by scientists by shaking the 3 dice the same way as playing Sic Bo 216 times will score in the low score zone 108 times. That means the opportunity to get out of the zone. Low has up to 50%, with the number of points coming out from 3-10 Hi-Lo points. For high points, there is a record of 81 exits from a total of 216 shakes. This means that the opportunity to get out of the high zone That’s less than the low zone. by issuing high zone points from 8-12 points

Betting on three score numbers

Following the above method, if from what we have observed that the points of the same dice repeat 3-4 times in a row and then it is out in any zone. In addition to playing high – low We can also bet 3 table numbers in another way. It can be said that if luck is good, you will get double luck. But if not, there is still a profit from another way to be a hostage, for example, you shake it out of the high zone 4-5 times in a row, and at that time we stabbed 3 Tot as well. Put it and put Tod 4, 5, 6 as well and if it’s out according to statistics, we have the right to have two.

2 number betting

The method is similar to the first method, that is, notice that the statistics box that during that time the bet results are the same 2-3 times in a row, but the double bet method has a better chance of being able to bet on 3 Tot numbers. But will get more money than high-low bets, for example, we wait for the moment that the bet results come out as a low zone 3-4 times, then let us bet 2-3 pairs low, it will be 1, 2/1, 3/ 2, 3, etc., it must be a pair and the profit is still considered good, not good, cheaper than 1, the more profit

One number betting

Consequences of the above method, but focusing on easy to be sure Let us observe the statistics box that during that time the bet result came out as the same 2-3 times in a row, but the bet method will have a better chance of being right than betting on even numbers. It comes out low, 2, 3. This comes out every time. Let us bet 2 or 3 to go. Guarantee that the chance is almost 100%

Tier Step Betting

This method is suitable for players who have a little capital. In this way, the player must divide the capital into 4 pieces, such as 200, 400, 300, 500. Initially, let us bet 200 baht. If the bet is correct, bet 300 baht. If correct both times, follow up with a 300 baht bet if Again, bet 500 baht. This method may look tricky, but the exchange comes with the chance that the loss will be less and if accidentally lost the opportunity to play back, it’s still faster than the same bet forever.

For Sic Bo betting on mobile phone formula, players need to understand first that it’s not a type of play where players win every bet. Or if I get it every time, it may be because of luck or some coincidence. But we want players to be aware and have some patience. Do not think that the technique is 100% effective, therefore invest or invest a lot of bets at once, but want all players to gradually look at the technique and observe the direction of each website to be confident first and “play smart please.”

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