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What Should I Hang on my Front Door in the Summer?

With the arrival of summer, many people are searching for ways to spruce up the entryway of their homes. Hanging a beautiful wreath on your front door is an excellent way to add style, elegance, and a bit of fun to your outdoor decor. Today, we’re discussing what is best to hang on the door in the summertime.

Different Types of Summer Wreaths

There are quite a few popular types of front door wreaths in the summer months.

If you are looking for a floral wreath, consider opting for a tulip wreath, lavender wreath, magnolia wreath, daisy wreath, wildflower wreath, sunflower wreath, peony wreath, or hydrangea wreath.

For a wreath with a more natural look and feel, you may want to choose a grapevine wreath, twig wreath, or lemon wreath. A greenery wreath – such as a eucalyptus wreath, succulent wreath, or boxwood wreath – provide a clean and simple look for your front door.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a 4th of July-themed or patriotic wreath in the summertime.

Beachy wreaths – such as starfish or seashell wreaths – are a fun way to decorate the entryway and bring a bit of the coast to your home.

What are the Best Materials to Make a Summer Wreath?

Some of the best materials for making a summer door wreath include botanicals and flowers like forsythia flowers, dahlia flowers, geraniums, burlap, mesh, and wire. Of course, the materials used will be determined by the kind of wreath you choose.

Summer Wreath Ideas

The warm summer months are ideal for hosting friends and family and spending long hours outdoors. Translating the festivities of the season into your summer decor is a great way to keep the entrance of your home feeling fresh and inviting.

Summer floral wreaths (specifically those that showcase white flowers) are always a popular option – simple natural wreaths showcase eucalyptus, boxwood, succulents, or other greenery.

If you’re looking to make a DIY summer wreath, consider starting with a simple wreath as a base and add to it as necessary – adding seashells, starfish, or blue/turquoise ribbon can make for a beautiful beach-themed wreath.

If you’re looking to make a wreath for the 4th of July, adding red, white, and blue ribbon is a simple yet effective way to create a patriotic showcase for your front door.

Weaving in flowers from your garden is a simple way to create a gorgeous garden wreath.

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