Who is not suitable for cosmetic surgery?

At present, talking about ‘Surgery’ has become a common practice that has become more widely accepted by society. The more developed technology today. Surgery has become beautiful. that meet the needs quickly and instantly

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But sometimes the surgery brings danger, as it appears in the news often, or sometimes does not meet the expectations of beautiful people. or errors that are difficult to correct Because not everyone is suitable for surgery. Therefore, the question arises as to whether “Who Shouldn’t Have Plastic Surgery?” Let’s find out together.

Who is not suitable for surgery?

There are three types of people who should not have cosmetic surgery.

  1. A person who is beautiful and handsome. or have confidence in themselves Because a good surgery should only be done on the part that we really have problems with. The doctor would not recommend cosmetic surgery.
  2. People who still have fear concerns exist Afraid to do it and not be beautiful Afraid to do it and have a wound I’m afraid that the doctor is not really good. This group of people are not ready to undergo cosmetic surgery. Still afraid or worried? Your doctor will recommend you to study more information first, for example, consult your doctor first to see what advantages and disadvantages do you have. How do you take care of yourself before and after surgery? find out more And when the information is ready, no fear, no worries, then you can have surgery.
  3. People who have too many expectations Our body structure is not the same. Therefore, there is no way to make it one hundred percent the same. Some people brought pictures of celebrities to the fortune teller. I want to make it look like it’s perfect. This means that our expectations are too high. The doctor will suggest that you should come to consult. Let’s analyze first how many people can do it to fit. and should be expected more realistically

Can people with congenital disease have surgery?

People with underlying medical conditions can do surgery. But it must be understood that cosmetic surgery is not a rush. It’s not that you have to do it in two days. And people with congenital disease are divided into 2 groups. The first is a disease that can be cured, such as a cold, acne, fever, should be cured first and then come to have cosmetic surgery.

Subsequently, incurable or chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease, if not cured, should be controlled to a normal level before surgery, such as diabetes, it should control sugar well. If you have high blood pressure, you should take all your blood pressure medication. until the pressure is normal Cosmetic surgery does not have any complications more than normal people. but should always tell the doctor about the underlying disease to check the body to be ready before surgery

At what age should I start surgery?

It’s easy to suggest that you should start doing it at the age of 18 because it’s considered mature. can decide for himself which one is good or bad. What are the advantages or disadvantages?

Another thing is that we need to see if the organs are fully grown or not. For example, rhinoplasty, jaw reduction or facial structure. Should be done when fully grown, that is, around the age of 18 years, so that they do not have to come to fix it often. If done at a young age When our bodies change The bone structure has changed, we have to do it again. Therefore, two things must be looked at: coming of age and stopping the growth of body structures

In addition to the illegal clinic and pocket doctor current surgery What else do you need to be careful of?

Another thing that we need to be careful about is finding information. especially on the Internet where images are posted. before – after surgery which the truth may be edited exaggerated advertising So I want you to be careful.

What is important when looking for information before having cosmetic surgery is Finding out from direct information, such as consulting a doctor directly on how to be safe. Or ask someone who has done plastic surgery what their experience is like. or come to the hospital/clinic to look at the appearance and to see the cleanliness including how the equipment is. Therefore, it is best to get direct information rather than viewing exaggerated advertisements.

How many times can one perform surgery?

There are no exact numbers on how many surgeries a person will be able to perform and whether it will be safe. Because it is how to do it. Some people have done 20-30 surgeries, doctors have seen them before, but before they do, they have to come and analyze them first bhojpurihub.

Actually, when we look at the reviews it says If doing good surgery, you should do a lot. In fact, it’s a wrong idea. real cosmetic surgery This should be done as little as possible. Some people come to consult a doctor. I want to do many things on the whole page. But after the analysis, it will suggest which part is the most necessary and then do that part first. Therefore, a good surgeon has to do as little as possible. It’s safer and has fewer complications.

how to do surgery to get good results

  1. Doing less because people will riley reid and rudy gobert marriage understand that A good surgery should be done a lot. Actually, we should do it where we really have a problem. The less you do, the better and safer results.
  2. Knowing to choose both the choice of location Selecting a doctor with a specialty standard equipment materials and safety rather than choosing at the price Because surgery is surgery on our body. This will have a huge impact and may be difficult to fix.
  3. Fit, because some people do too much, such as rhinoplasty, wanting to be too high. for breast augmentation, I want to make it bigger. At first, it may be beautiful, but in the long term, there will be many complications such as the nose may be penetrated. or breast augmentation that is too large The passage of time may not be natural. the chest will sag or hard chest Therefore, a good surgery should make it fit your body nobkin as well.

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