Why Humidifiers  Aren’t Just for Winter

Summer is here and the temperatures outside have been soaring, in some places, it’s unbearably humid; but inside our homes and places of work air conditioners and fans help keep us cool. Airconditioners not only keep us cool, perhaps cold enough to make us wear a light sweater; they also can dry out the air. See, humidifiers aren’t just for the winter; they can be used even during warmer months because some of the same air quality issues exist when we escape the scorching heat to cool down indoors. Humidifiers should be seen as an essential part of everyone’s home, an addition to the many routines we take part in to help keep us healthy, regardless of the conditions outside. So, find out why a humidifier isn’t just a winter accessory, but one that can be used all year long.

Greater Skin Care

The heat outside can be sweltering, it can also dry out your skin and your hair; with the sun doing major damage to both if proper protection isn’t used. The use of humidifiers during the spring and summer is key to keeping your skin at its best, the sun can easily dry up your body after a stroll in the park, and then returning to your air-conditioned home just compounds the issue. Keep a humidifier on during the day or night when you’re home to help alleviate the damage done at the beach and return some essential moisture to your skin. Raising the humidity to around 50% is generally key to combat heavy air conditioner use and warmer temperatures, your skin and hair will thank you for completing a self-care routine that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Help Manage Snoring

Snoring can keep you up at night, it can also affect those who live with you and may share your bed. Loud snores are also not seasonal as the conditions that allow for the disruptive sound can be present all year long. Snoring is caused by air that is obstructed when you breathe, humidifiers have been recommended to bring moisture to your airways to prevent the issue from even taking place. To alleviate the irritation that causes snoring, try using a humidifier and raising the humidity to around 40-50%, this will soothe your throat and potentially keep you from snoring which means more sleep at night.

Summer Allergies

For some, allergies are a dreaded nuisance that last all year long. The warmer months usually mean that flowers are in full bloom, pets are shedding their coats to stay cool, and high foot traffic in your home from the outdoors track in extra contaminants. Luckily, humidifiers do a great job at controlling the ill effects of allergies. A humidifier essentially pumps water vapor into the air of your home, and that water vapor does two very important jobs in regards to your allergies. First, water droplets, although naked to the human eye; help trap dust and allergens which eventually hit the ground and not your airways. Secondly, humidifiers help line your nasal passage with an essential amount of moisture to allow mucus to develop, this mucus traps those pesky allergens and allows you to expel them from your body with a healthy sneeze.

Don’t Get Sick During the Summer

It happens, it’s warm out and somehow we manage to get sick with some sort of bug or a dreaded “summer flu.” Missing out on BBQs and family gatherings is a horrible way to spend the sometimes very short, hot months that welcome outdoor festivities. You can catch a cold or even worse in the middle of July, but humidifiers can help eliminate airborne illnesses before they become a problem. Just like how you can benefit from controlling allergens, humidifiers employ water vapor to trap germs and let them drop to the ground; and not your nasal passages. We might unknowingly invite someone who is under the weather to our home and in turn, inherit their symptoms; use a humidifier to stop germs mid-air so your plans don’t come to a full halt.

Stay Cool With a Humidifier

Your indoor temperatures will drop with the use of an air conditioner, it will also remove moisture from the air, but did you know that humidifiers actually keep those temperatures low? Electricity bills are usually the highest during the summer, but if you use a humidifier you can trap some of that cold air in your home, allowing your cooling system to run efficiently. Try running your humidifier in tandem with your air conditioner to maintain a comfortable home.


A humidifier is an important appliance that everyone should own and use. With proper maintenance and usage, humidifiers add to a better quality of life, not just in the winter but all year long. Humidifiers aren’t just for winter, they help you breathe better, keep your skin moisturized, and have plenty of health benefits for those hot summer months. Regardless of the conditions outside, keep the space in your home comfortable with a humidifier.

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