Why Seek Immediate Medical Care After a Work Injury in Newport News?

If you have sustained injuries at work, you need to seek immediate medical attention. This must be done even if you think are you just slightly hurt. Even minor injuries can cause long-term issues and getting prompt medical care can help you recover quickly from them. Also, this helps you get the worker’s comp benefits you deserve. Visiting a doctor immediately after a work-related injury can help your case when your employer argues that your injury has nothing to do with your work. If your employer does not help you get prompt treatment, you may need to involve a Newport News workers comp attorney to help from the adverse actions your employer may take. 

How to Get Medical Treatment for Your Work Injuries

If you have sustained serious injuries, you must seek emergency care right away. If your injuries do not require urgent care, your employer may have a doctor you can go to for an appointment. You may be able to change your doctor later; however, you need to follow the instructions of your employer to start the process. Also, if your employer allows you to change your doctor, they may limit your options. No matter how you get medical treatment, ensure you mention during your visit that your injury is job-related and that are pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. This helps with the billing process and your claim. 

What to Do with You Speak with Your Doctor

Your treating doctor will make vital conclusions about your health and medical treatment that will impact your workers’ comp case. These conclusions might include the amount of time you won’t be able to return to work, whether or not your injuries are job-related, and whether your condition will improve. 

You need to be as honest as possible with your doctor about your injury and symptoms. They depend on how you describe your injuries when making a diagnosis and recommending further treatment. Make sure you tell them each symptom, even minor ones. But do not exaggerate or downplay your symptoms. Keep in mind that the doctor is a professional and they can tell if you are lying about your injuries. 

When to Hire a Lawyer

Because of the difficulty in working on the requirements of filing a workers’ compensation claim, you the assistance of an experienced attorney. The right lawyer will help you pursue compensation that covers your current and future losses that result from your work injuries. 

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