Yoga Poses to Wipe Out Weakness

There are many yoga poses to strengthen your weak muscles. One of the most common ones is the mountain pose. This two-footed stance seems simple enough, but it requires balance and awareness. It strengthens your back and pelvic region, and it also helps you find proper alignment and shape for additional movements. If you’re feeling a little weak in the legs, try the dolphin push-up, or a modified version of this pose.

Repeat these steps

Another one-minute pose targets the upper and lower back. The technique starts with a tabletop position. Reach your arms upwards while pressing into the ground. Lean slightly to the right while holding your right wrist. Then, take the next step by lifting your left leg and placing it on the ground. This will give your back a stretch. After completing the extended child pose, repeat these steps, holding them for fifteen to thirty seconds.


Next, practice the extended child pose. This pose works the upper and lower back. Begin by lying on your stomach, keeping your hips above your knees, and then walk your hands forward. To support yourself in this pose, place a block or pillow on your forehead. You should also do some pranayama (yoga breathing techniques) before and after the extended child pose. Alternate nostril breathing is very important in yoga, and it will increase your energy level, improve your ability to heal and boost your vitality.

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