Your Biggest Questions About Ruby Sliders Answered

Finding ways to help protect your hard floors does not have to be impossible. Finding the peace of mind you deserve to enjoy your hard floors is something that is made possible by Ruby Sliders. Ruby Slider reviews show that hundreds of customers have found peace of mind, and deep satisfaction with the protection that Ruby Sliders brings their hard floors. 

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Some of the best hard floor protection devices on the market, Ruby Sliders are a great tool for any home that struggles to keep its floors in good condition. If you don’t know much about Ruby Sliders, or want to find out more about how they can impact your home, here is everything you need to know about Ruby Sliders! 

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What Is a Ruby Slider?

The first question you may have, is what exactly is a Ruby Slider? This is a great palace to start when it comes to finding easy, affordable, and effective ways to keep your hard floors looking beautiful and healthy for the long haul. 

A Ruby Slider is a small, plastic device that is designed to stretch and fit snuggly over the ends of your furniture legs. This simple, innovative device is designed to bring you peace of mind and allow your furniture to glide over your hard floors without ever creating so much as a scruff.

Do The Ruby Slidres Fit On All Furniture?

Ruby Gliders are made from soft, malleable plastic with a universal design that is meant to fit almost any piece of furniture. This means that they can fit square ends of end table legs or round pegs. They can be used on all sizes of furniture as well, sofas, love seats, chairs, bar stools. 

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How Does the Ruby Slider Work With Large Furniture Legs?

Sometimes you can have certain pieces of furniture that have rather large legs. These can be more of a challenge to fit a Ruby Slider over, but thankfully there’s one trick that helps Ruby Sliders fit almost any furniture size. 

Simply take a hairdryer on a low setting, and heat up the Ruby Slider. Once its plastic has been warmed up, it will be even more valuable and stretchy than it already is, and you should be able to fit it over almost any leg end. 

How Should You Prepare Your Furniture For a Ruby Slider?

Thankfully it doesn’t take much preparation to get your furniture ready to install Ruby Sliders on. It’s suggested that you simply clean any noticeable dust, or debris from the ends of your furniture legs before applying the Ruby Slider. This is only a precaution that will help to ensure that there are no tears in the Ruby Slider or damage to your floors. The Ruby Slider is designed to have a very snug, tight fit on your furniture, so any debris or objects trapped in a Ruby Slider may cause problems. 

Do Ruby Gliders Work on Carpets or Rugs?

Unfortunately, Ruby Gliders do not work well on soft surfaces like rugs or carpets. Ruby Sliders were specifically designed to work on hard floor surfaces. This is where their design is specifically meant to function and be most effective. 

Does Furniture Move Easily With Ruby Sliders? 

The Ruby Slider is designed with strong, durable plastic and a nano-weave felt pad on the ends that ensures your furniture will glide effortlessly over hard surfaces. This nano-weave felt pad is specifically designed to move the weight of your furniture easily without allowing it to damage hard surfaces. Not only will you be able to protect your floors, but rearranging and moving furniture will never be easier than with Ruby Sliders. 

What Kinds of Hard Floors Can a Ruby Slider Protect?

The answer is simple, any hard floor! Whether you have hardwood floors, laminate, or ceramic tile. It doesn’t matter, if you have any kind of hard floor surface, then Ruby Sliders can work to help protect it from potential damage. 

How Many Ruby Sliders Do I Need?

Ruby Sliders are sold in packages of 16, 32, 48, and 64. You can order as many Ruby Sliders as you currently need, however it’s advisable to get extra. This allows you to never be in a situation where you purchase a new piece of furniture that you have to worry about. Having extra Ruby Sliders on hand means that as soon as you make that new furniture decision, you have a way of keeping your floors protected.


Ruby Sliders are a great way to keep your floors safe, protected, and enjoyed for years to come. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers who love their Ruby Sliders, and start protecting your hard floors today! 

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