3 Most Wonderful Urban Areas in Asia You Should Visit During Winter

During winter, you might be wondering what to do in Asia. The answer is a mixture of warm weather and cold, snowy temperatures, but these cities also offer plenty to see and do. You could spend the entire day at a beach in Japan or wander the streets of Singapore. No matter what you do, Asian cities are sure to provide you with a memorable experience. To get started, take a look at some of the best cities in the world during winter.

More secluded experience

Almaty is one of the most beautiful cities to visit during winter. The capital of Kazakhstan is also home to Central Asia’s only ski resort. The Shymbulak ski resort is just a bus ride away from the city and has some of the highest open-air ice rink in the world. Those who prefer a more secluded experience may wish to hike up the Tian Shan Mountains and experience the cold and snow.


While it’s cold in December, the city’s temperature is still comfortable for tourists. In addition to the famous Angkor Wat complex, you can also visit the Land Mine Museum and the Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre. In the capital of Japan, Tokyo is another great option. A mega-city, Tokyo has something for everyone. You can check out the various restaurants, nightclubs, and attractions here.

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