4 business trends that anticipate the future

1. Video Content

In the past 2 years videos have become the main source of every kind of content on the internet. People find videos entertaining and very easy to understand. Also, 67% of internet users say that watching videos is the most fun thing on the internet. There are lots of video platforms, but the biggest and most popular is YouTube. On YouTube you can partner with sponsors and generate money. To gain notice on your YouTube channel, you can get instant YouTube subscribers.

2. Everything will go even faster

The speed of change forces us to be more liquid, adaptable. We must apply this to both companies and workers. We have heard many times that only those who adapt to change will survive and indeed 2020 will be a year of change that will force us to consider where we are going as a company and as professionals.

3. Automation and Smart Robots

Why do we talk about this drastic change? Because automation has arrived and with it intelligent robots. Companies integrate increasingly sophisticated services and processes, which causes a change in the labor market with professions never seen before.

In this way, the work is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed , and we as professionals must do it with it.

4. Exponential Growth

This year is the time for exponential growth . Organizations must transmit a purpose incorporating technologies that provide solutions to the great problems of humanity.

If technology is going to be decisive, you may be wondering what will happen to human beings. In the business trends video you will discover the importance of soft skills in the new digital leaders .

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