A Complete Guide to Save Business Energy Costs during summer

The rising heat in the upcoming summer season has business owners worried about how to cope with high energy bills. If you feel that you share this concern, you’ve come to the right place as this article discusses simple actions that can result in considerable energy savings, giving you more money for your company while preserving or enhancing employee comfort.

Here are some tips to assist you in conserving money and energy during the warm summer months when you’re attempting to keep your premises cool.

The following advice can help you save money instantly. Other suggestions include straightforward steps that can be taken to keep energy costs low throughout the summer.

Controls for Daylight

Utilizing sensors, day lighting control systems modify the intensity of electric lights in reaction to the amount of daylight. These settings may reduce cooling expenses and reduce lighting energy use by 20 to 80 percent.

You might want to add such controls if you have spaces with lots of natural light. Or, if you’ve already installed these controls, ensure they’re calibrated correctly and operating as they should.

Precooling During the Night

Consider using external air to cool your premises at night if it has an automation system. A lesser cooling load throughout the day is the outcome of this strategy’s ability to decrease the temperature of the bulk of the premises.

According to studies, this tactic can depend on the environment, saving anywhere from 5 to 20% of the total energy used for cooling. Enhancing air quality may also increase occupant comfort.

Heating and Cooling Problems

Adjusting temperature settings can result in significant energy savings because HVAC systems account for a sizable portion of the energy utilized—nearly 30% of all power used in office buildings.

The best times to raise the thermostat throughout the summer are on weekends and at times when there aren’t many people around. Thermostats that can be programmed or a building automation system can automate these settings.

During working hours, you might also experiment with adopting slight temperature reductions; a drop of just 1 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit won’t be detected.

Cleanse the Coils in the Condenser

Your air conditioners condenser coils lose some of their efficiency in transferring heat when they get unclean.

Inspect your condenser coils for any natural or man-made dirt accumulations to ensure they operate as effectively as possible. For sound preventative maintenance, wash the coils completely twice a year.

Change the Filters

To prevent the air conditioner fan from wasting more energy than required trying to force air through clogged filters, filters should be cleaned often, especially in the summer.

If your facility is next to a road, a building site, or another area where the air is more polluted than think about changing the filters more frequently than once a month.

Examine the Economizer

To lessen the demand for mechanically chilled air, many air conditioning systems include a device called an economizer, which sucks in cold external air when it is accessible.

An economizer jammed in a completely open position can raise a building’s yearly energy cost by as much as 50%.

However, if the connection that opens and closes the damper is not frequently examined, it could seize up or fail, potentially resulting in significant energy loss.

It would be wise to have a qualified professional inspect, clean, tune, lubricate, and, if required, repair your air conditioning system now that cooling season has arrived and the weather is pleasant.

Additionally, this time of year makes it simpler for technicians to assess your equipment. For more tips, check out

Workers benefit from flexible work schedules thanks to technology. Give workers the option of working from home on different days.

On alternating days, give your staff the option of working from home. An employee can securely access the workplace network using VPN technology. Less staff would mean less need for lighting and air conditioning in the office.

Inspire staff to participate in informal discussions

Business owners are not the only ones who must save energy. Employees must be given the authority to develop their original solutions for reducing energy expenditures.

It’s crucial to have an open discussion about how to improve your company’s energy use because employers frequently undervalue the opinions of their staff.

Doing this may encourage an eco-friendly workplace culture inside your organization and improve employee motivation by promoting participation.

Roof insulation

To keep your home cooler and warmer during winter, ceiling insulation is a crucial component. During the summer, correctly built roof insulation may reduce interior temperatures by up to 10 degrees.

Consider installing appropriate roof tiles as well to reflect the sun’s beams. Use heat-reflective paint to coat the roof. As a result, the structure will absorb less heat throughout the summer.

Solar panels

Solar energy is a free, sustainable energy source, so think about upgrading to solar panels. Solar panels are more durable and require less upkeep. Your monthly power cost will be reduced as a result of this.

Solar panels may be expensive initially, but if solar energy is used to its maximum potential, that investment may be recovered within several years.

Be mindful of your water’s temperature

Set your water heater’s temperature to a cost-effective level to save money. To avoid burning and conserve energy, heat the water from around 110 to 120 degrees or just as hot as is necessary.

Get a report on your office’s energy use

Engage an energy audit business to audit your office’s energy use. Several utility providers provide a free energy audit service to guarantee that you are utilizing energy effectively.

See if they can assist you in locating places where you may reduce your energy requirements by giving them a call.

Print just what you need to avoid wasting paper

The energy needed to run the printer will be reduced. As a result, lowering your energy costs and extending the life of your printer. This will also assist in minimizing the amount of paper wasted.

Keep an eye out for any tiny air leaks

Small drafts can cause businesses to incur a significant amount in heating and cooling expenses. Those drafts can be removed by properly air sealing the workplace.

Utilize your laptop’s or computer’s hibernate mode

You may preserve your work tasks in its current state and resume from the same place the following day thanks to the hibernate option in laptops and desktop computers. Plan your workspace such that it enters hibernation mode after office hours and on weekends.


You can immediately see differences in your electricity and gas bill the next month by incorporating the key practices listed above.

Promoting knowledge and attention about energy concerns is crucial since people frequently undervalue the small things they perform at work. You’ll not only reduce your monthly payments but also encourage a healthy workplace atmosphere.

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