Choosing Right Mechanical Seals For Siphons and Their Advantages

There are many benefits to using mechanical seals in siphons, but choosing the right one requires a bit of research. In many applications, the mechanical seal is the only way to avoid product loss. However, the initial investment can be a bit higher. But, it is an investment that will pay off in the long run. You can get true ROI by choosing the right seal for the application. A good vendor will help you choose the right design, set up the most efficient installation, and explain a regular maintenance schedule. In addition to helping you select the right sealing system, you can also make sure that the product will last for years to come.

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Different seal types

Selecting the right mechanical seal for your application is crucial. Depending on the size and pressure of the fluid, you can use a variety of different seal types. However, you must take into account the temperature of the liquid to avoid excessive wear and tear. The temperature limit of your fluid and seal should be within the same range to ensure a long-term performance. It is also critical to consider the type of material used to make the seal.


Before purchasing a mechanical seal for your siphon, you need to consider the type of liquid that you’ll be using. There are two basic types: packing and seals. Both options are advantageous, but packing is the better choice when axial shafts are concerned. While packing mechanically prevents excessive wear and tear, it is not very durable. Therefore, you should choose the right seal according to your specifications.

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