Famous Dog Breeds Found In Australian Homes.

Usually when you are planning to get a dog, you are planning to be a dog parent for the first time. It would help if you did some research about the breeds usually found in Australian homes—doing minor research matters because when you want to be a dog parent for the first time, you want a dog who is easily trained and has a loveable nature.

There are countless popular dog breeds in the Australian home, but below mentioned are a few of the most popular ones:

Miniature Schnauzer – This breed is a beautiful furry companion with their  magnificent mustaches and they are highly intelligent. They have a working dog background, which means they can be easily trained. They are also athletic and agile and require a lot of exercise. That is why they are best around the kids. If you have kids at home, this dog breed can play with them all day long.

Jack Russell Terrier – This breed was bred for one essential purpose: “ratting.” They love hunting the rats, and they love to do a good job. This breed of dog also needs activity both physically and mentally. Another thing that is important to know about them is they can quickly get along with other dogs but can be very assertive with other pocket pets and cats. So if you plan on raising a cat and dog under the same roof, then a Jack Russell terrier may not be the right choice of breed for you.

American Staffordshire Terrier – This dog breed has three excellent traits: loyal family pets, bold and intelligent. These dog breeds sometimes get a bad reputation in the media, but they are more often than not kind, gentle, and very tolerant. If you get this breed, make sure you give them early training on socialization and obedience training, and they are ready around your house. American Staffordshire Terriers are also good with other dogs and kids.

Cocker Spaniel – A curious breed, they are hunting dogs so it is essential to give them obedience training once you get them home. Even though they are hunting dogs, they are soft and sensitive souls; that is why your interactions with them must be positive and rewarding. Last, this dog breed loves being around humans, and if you leave them for long periods they can have separation anxiety.

So these are some of the famous dog breeds found in Australia. Enjoy bringing home your new well-bred pet, but you must also learn to take utmost care of them. It is essential to take them for regular vet checkups and keep a close eye on their health. Regular vet checkups can lead to additional medical expenses, and to take care of those expenses it is highly recommended to take dog insurance. When you get dog insurance at the puppy stage, the insurance premiums are also lower and the cover broader than if you insure your dog at later in life. It would help if you kept in mind that ‌dogs are also similar to humans when it comes to contracting diseases and getting injured through accidents as a new pet parent. As they get old, they might fall sick even more often. That is why you must get pet insurance when you are young. If you wonder where you find the best pet insurance, everything is a few keystrokes away. All you need is a good internet connection and smartphone, and you can easily land an excellent coverage plan for your furry friend.

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