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Guest Posting Services for Smart Digital Startups

You can find clusters of sites that are similar to yours and analyze the individual metrics of each site, including the Blended Overlap Score and Alexa Rank. You can also save specific sites to your Workspace and analyze them later. To increase your visibility, try analyzing sites that link to competitors. It will be easy for you to identify and target sites that link to yours. But how do you choose which sites to publish?


Are you looking for a reliable way to promote your product? If yes, then you need to use Creately Guest Posting Services. The visual collaboration tool created by Cinergix has a cloud and downloadable offline edition. Creately is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. ProProfs is an international organization with offices in California, Santa Monica, and Delhi-NCR. The company provides unique viewpoints on every issue and serves millions of users every month.


You’ve already built a strong online presence, and now you’re looking for more opportunities to promote your business online. If you’re in the B2B and SAAS space, you’ve probably already come across FinanceOnline. This website is perfect for your guest post pitch if you’re interested in discussing your growth and experience in this industry. Also, check out, an investment and finance-related blog, and pitch it to them with a post that will discuss financing and investing.


Chanty is a cloud collaboration tool that integrates communication, project management, and automation. You can hold video calls and share your screen with others. You can also integrate other tools with Chanty, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Bitbuckety. The program is available for Mac OS and Windows, and can host up to ten users. Chanty also accepts guest posts.


If you’re running a smart digital startup, you’ve probably heard about the power of Amazon Alexa. The Seattle-based company is the manager of the Alexa accelerator, a program that supports voice technology startups. Companies with Alexa integration include Blutag, a mobile app that helps consumers find products, and Conservation Labs, which makes a low-cost smart water meter. Those startups are making big waves in the smart digital space, and are finding that their voice technology capabilities are essential to their success.

Google Docs

Google Docs is part of the Google Apps platform. It allows you to create, share and publish documents. Recently, Google has partnered with Capgemini to promote these services to the corporate world. This partnership has been the subject of much controversy, however, and the main point of contention is whether or not Google is letting individuals publish their documents for free. In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of using Google Docs for your business.

Writing a guest post bio

When it comes to writing a guest post bio, smart digital startups must keep several things in mind. Those who write for mompreneurs should make sure to talk about kids, while baby boomers should speak about hard work. Although these touchstones may seem insignificant, they can go a long way in connecting with readers. In addition to helping you reach a wider audience, writing an author bio will boost your site’s SEO.

Optimizing anchor text

You need to optimize your anchor text in your guest posts on high quality guest post sites, but you don’t have control over it. If you’re a guest blogger, the anchor text of your post is an opportunity to put your name or brand in the link. LSI or long-tailed anchors should be used to make sure your anchor text is relevant to the destination content. Be sure to include both types of anchors.

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