How Safe Are Egift Cards Vs Actual Gift Vouchers?

You may be wondering how safe egift cards are compared to actual gift vouchers. The answer to this question will depend on the recipient. Many egift card sites are free to use. However, you should be wary of scams that promise you the moon but don’t deliver. It’s also possible that you’ll never get your money back.

The cards are digital

When purchasing egift cards, consumers must remember that they’re giving away their credit card number and contact information to the company. Since egift cards are digital, there’s no physical gift to lose, but they’re also not as durable as physical ones. If the recipient loses or forgets his or her card, the only way to replace it is to buy a new one. It is also important to remember that the recipient will never see the card.

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To avoid scams, egift cards should be sent to the recipient’s email. In addition, egift card recipients should double check their contact information. Electronically sending gift cards requires the same caution as sending physical money. If the recipient doesn’t open the egift card, it means the technology worked. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they noticed it, though.

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