How To Profit From Guerrilla Marketing Technique?

Marketers are constantly looking for new and efficient ways of promoting brands. This time we are going to speak about guerrilla marketing techniques. It is a cheap and very creative approach, you can try in your practice.

What Is The Definition of a Guerrilla Marketing Approach?
A marketing technique known as guerrilla is a certain form of advertising. It uses a specific way of highlighting products/services by using creative ways. The best thing about guerrilla marketing is the minimum budget needed for implementing such a campaign. In the beginning, this inbound marketing form was popular among little companies, which could afford a big budget for its advertising campaigns. Nowadays, even big companies use such an approach because it is creative, unusual, and cheap. You can make your brand well-known without spending any money. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Initially, guerrilla marketing was focusing on public activities. People handing you flyers on the street are engaged in this marketing technique. Today marketing has shifted to the side of the digital world, so guerrilla marketing happens mainly on social media platforms. The primary goal of such a campaign is to impact people’s minds and make them speak about your brand by means of word of mouth. You have to make your content get shared online thanks to its emotional appeal.

The Risks of Applying Guerrilla Marketing:

Some marketers have no limits, so they take actions, which may have legal circumstances.
Your audience may misunderstand your specific behaviors or activities, making a negative effect on the brand’s reputation.

What Types of Guerrilla Marketing Can You Try?

Guerrilla marketing includes many different types. We would like to list the most efficient ones, provide you with brief explanations, so you can try them in practice to reach the desired results.

Viral marketing

We can characterize it as word of mouth, which is common on social media platforms. You can create a buzz associated with your brand, by posting specific content and making people speak about you.

Stealth marketing

You can make your potential clients, prospects, journalists, and simple passers-by to be the main characters of your marketing show. The trick is to make it secretly. People are not even realizing that they do promotion for your brand free of charge.

Ambient marketing

You need to use the environment of your products/services/brand/company as your marketing medium. This approach gives excellent results, so do not hesitate to try it.

Ambush marketing

This type of guerrilla marketing takes the maximum advantage of the 3rd-party’s notoriety for promoting new products/services. You are not interested in the partnerships with the 3rd parties, but rather using them for the benefits of your brand promotion.

Marketing on the street

Street campaigns are super efficient. You can play with these elements to demonstrate your brand on the streets. The access for a huge audience in front of you, so you have it to the maximum.

The Best Guerrilla Marketing Samples

We can speak about guerrilla marketing during hours, but you will understand it better if we give you some excellent examples. Here they are:

You must have seen the RED hashtag on Twitter included by SFR. The popularity of the brand has increased like crazy.

We need to mention the cooperation between mybetterself, one of the best influencers, and They were working on raising awareness among ladies about their menstrual precariousness. The influencer states that every shared story will be counted as a donation. People were really happy to participate in this guerrilla campaign.

UNICEF started two successful campaigns to raise the awareness of the public about problematic access to drinking water on the African continent. You should see these videos to get inspired by guerrilla marketing in action.

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