Insight Into Implementation of Laser Cleaning Tool 

Laser light is shot at a surface in nanosecond-long pulses to clean it of dirt and other things. Depending on the pressure of the contact, impurities or coating particles that absorb laser light can either turn into gas or come loose from the surface.

You can clean your product down to the metal with the correct laser settings and tools. Adapt Laser has the knowledge and experience to develop a laser cleaning solution that works for you. You can clean a wide range of surfaces with the same settings and tools without hurting the surface’s integrity.

Laser technology is not only good at cleaning, but it also has several other benefits, such as being easy to use, safe, quiet, and reliable. It doesn’t need to be cleaned up, costs little to run is easy to keep up with, and is suitable for the environment.

Instead of using consumables or chemicals to get rid of rust, you can use laser cleaning, better for the environment. As far as we know, there is no other way to do this that is legal and good for the environment. On the other hand, pulsed fiber lasers use very little power.

Some dust does get into the air when a laser cleaner 100w is used to clean. It can be quickly sucked up with a dust extraction device, which we can give you and set up for you if needed. The process is done automatically by the Laser marking conveyor.

Manual work should no longer be used.

To clean every part by hand would take a lot of time and money. It is a slow process that could be automated for less money. With laser cleaning, which can be fully or partially automated, no work needs to be done by hand.

You can choose whether you want a simple “turnkey” solution or a solution made just for your plant.

Lessen the need for fixes

They all have the same problem: their sandblasting machine keeps breaking down. Regular inspection and maintenance are needed for the nozzle, condition, and replacement of a blasting device. It is a non-contact method that removes rust over time and drastically cuts the cost of keeping the car in good shape.

Make sure your workplace is safe.

Lasers in manufacturing environments are very safe when used with a dust extraction system and a Class-1 JNCT LASER safety enclosure. Operators who work close to the laser system no longer need to wear PPE for their lungs, ears, or bodies. They are also no longer exposed to dangerous materials.


Each thing has its own set of properties that determine how it acts in different situations. You have to think about the ablation threshold when removing rust from metals. So, a strong enough laser beam can remove rust without hurting the metal cleaned. To get rid of rust, you have to shine the laser beam on the metal surface with less power than its ablation threshold. So, the surface is clean, and the dust and dirt are gone without hurting the primary material.

How fast the rust comes off depends on how intense the Laser is and how thick the rust is. Having us test your parts is the best way to find out about your application.

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