Methods to Motivate Your Students to Read

Knowledge and information can be attained by only one source and that is reading. Students usually read in their school but they are not aware of the fact that reading is a lifelong process through which human beings attain knowledge of different things their whole life. Students read their whole academics and they think that after school or college days they don’t have to read but they are wrong because reading is that process through which an individual receives knowledge to create a character in himself/herself. Through reading students not only get knowledge about their curriculum and syllabus but also knowledge of different types of subjects and knowledge about them. Reading provides students with wisdom which is very important for the survival of any students in his academic and practical world. Earlier students were not aware of many new terms in the changed scenario of education but if today students are asked about ERP full form, they are capable of reading and answering everything about ERP full form and other details. and the most important thing is that with the help of LMS advantages students are able to get answers to all their queries. There are various LMS advantages due to which students are developing a passion for reading them. But still students are needed to be motivated to read and this task can be completed by following ways:

  • Kids follow what they see and they learn very fast from what they see. Hence teachers need to be an example of those good things which they want their students to do. Hence, for reading also they need to demonstrate to their students an example in which they should know about the books you often read and the benefits which you receive from reading such good books.
  • When students read something then don’t ask questions continuously, instead give them time to read the contents because kid’s capacity to read is less than adults. After their reading gets completed, bring all students to a discussion about their favourite characters and incidents from the story or book they read. Make them participate interestingly and appreciate their efforts regarding reading. Make them arrive at the conclusions and ask them any other conclusion if they can make it from their creativity.
  • The best experience for the students in their academic life is to meet the author of their favourite books. It is so because the authors become their role models with the help of their books. Hence as a tutor try to bring their role model authors to their class and provide them chances to meet them face-to-face. This not only gives them chances to ask their queries to the author but also due to this meet their curiosity to read more increases.
  • Most impressive strategy for reading is to not to leave students with books or else students might get confused and tired also of searching for good content in the books, apart from this student can come in contact with wrong content without guidance. Hence, as tutor one needs to guide the students what to read and how to read so that they can come inContact of only those contents which are beneficial for them.
  • Take the children with you to the book clubs and libraries and make them understand that a library is that ocean of knowledge where they can quench their thirst for knowledge in unlimited ways. Through libraries students get socialise too when they meet people passionate to read and they come to know their experiences regarding some good books. Often, they come to know about some very good knowledge with the help of others in the library.
  • Our society has a very bad habit of dancing on the heads of children in the name of guidance. They do nothing but hinder the methods of reading of students and no one offers real guidance to the kids regarding reading. So, following this, children should not be hindered by their reading and children should be allowed to choose whatever they want to read so that they can read happily according to their interest.
  • Book reading is a very good habit but students should also be aware of the contribution of technology to the world of books where today people don’t read books but they read E-books in pdf form which makes reading more interesting and easier.

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