Things You Must Know To Start Earning As A Web Designer

The yearly income of a web designer is $40,000 on average. In India, a web designer with more than four years of experience can earn a six-digit salary monthly.

In a country where government jobs are becoming extinct, like the dinosaurs, and with less number of high-paying jobs in the campus interviews of engineering colleges, a collection of practical online certificate courses would help you stand out from the crowd.

Web designing is now one of the most prominent skills to earn money faster. Moreover, many talents are working in the field of professional graphic design.

So, it is advisable to know the most fruitful methods to kickstart your career in web design. If a design job is in your career plan, then read on!

1. Learn the skill:

You must know that conventional colleges or universities still don’t offer a degree in web designing. So, after your higher secondary or graduation, you must learn it yourself.

You may find institutes that offer web design courses offline. But, these courses cost more and have fewer teachers.

However, there are many online courses available to teach you web design. Online institutes like Simplilearn, Coursera, and Udemy provide you with the best web designing courses.

Purchase a suitable course from any one of them and hone your skills. You can learn under the guidance of skilled web designers directly, along with the high-class course materials.

You will get a certificate after you complete the course. This certificate will add significant value to your resume, and the skills acquired here will lead you to your dream job with a fat salary.

2. Join a marketplace:

If you plan to work as a full-time or part-time web designer, you must join a marketplace to reach your clients. Using this method, you can earn money online easily.

Whether you are a fresher or have some experience, marketplaces like Upwork, Guru, Freelancers, etc., have some jobs for you. There are some lesser-known sites as well.

If you start it for the first time, the lesser-known marketplaces will be more helpful. Start small and slow. Create your profile correctly.

Add detailed information about each academic qualification, skill, and prior experience. For example, if you have completed a  javascript certification course, mention that too, as it is highly relevant in web design.

3. Sell website templates and themes:

Designers can make millions by selling themes and templates. You can create authentic website themes if you learn cloud computing, WordPress, and PHP. Then you can sell them on the marketplaces.

4. Create WordPress Websites:

It is another creative way to earn money after completing your web design course. Some people learn digital marketing and build websites for other businesses.

Their job includes promoting the websites as well. They hire web designers to create a website for their clients. Sometimes, companies employ in-house designers to get a stunning website for their business. You can earn both ways.

5. Set up online stores:

You can explore Shopify to set up online stores, as it is one of the best platforms. Several companies now build their shops on Shopify.

You can take advantage of earning even when you are sleeping by helping startup owners looking forward to setting up their Shopify store.



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