What Can You Learn from a Tekla BIMsight Online Course?

Let’s first get a brief introduction to Tekla software and what it offers before learning about the advantages of using it for precast detailing.

Tekla Software: What is it?

Tekla is a BIM tool for constructing steel and concrete structures. It includes 3D modelling features for engineers. It is employed in construction for precast concrete and structural steel details. It directs structural engineers through the entire fabrication process for structures made of steel and concrete. The method of making shop drawings is automated.

Modelling of structural steel, concrete, rebar, and other types of steel is supported by Tekla. It is made expressly to be used with steel and concrete. Engineers have so far used this program to construct model stadiums, buildings, bridges, homes, factories, and offshore plants.

What Tekla Provides

After finishing up with the Tekla concept, let’s look at what it can do for the building sector:

  • Tekla allows users to construct any construction, regardless of its size or substance.
  • Spot confrontations early in the fabrication process and take precautions to prevent them.
  • Use the model to generate accurate drawings and reports.
  • Simplify the procedure by using accepted standards.

Let’s explore this further and comprehend Tekla’s significant contribution to precast detailing:

Precast Concrete Detailing Without Mistakes:

Rework is performed, resulting in material and time waste. They are detailing mistakes that result in erroneous information, which drives up costs. With Tekla, disputes can be identified and detected sooner, before the fabrication starts. As a result, it lessens on-site issues and reworks.

Tekla models contain all the data necessary to produce drawings, reports, and other fabrication-related data. The likelihood of human error is decreased because these models can update changes automatically. Information is consistent as a result. Ultimately, this enhances teamwork amongst the design, factory, and site teams.

Virtual Building:

Building information models can be directly interacted with using Tekla’s precast concrete detailing. This has the advantage of making thoughtful and precise connections to ensure everything works well together.

Tekla already has a collection of specialised tools for the precast business. It provides 3D building blocks and learning Tekla BIMsight online courses for producing high-quality information models. This 3D depiction improves the communication of designs to clients. Additionally, it enables the automatic compilation of reports such as schedules for bar bending and material bills. Updates and communication about changes are simple.

Option for Customization:

Tekla can be used to build specialised tools for detailing structural steel while assuring intelligent linkages, reinforcements, and model elements. Erection drawings and fabrication reports are both subject to this customisation. Additionally, the team may share, manage, and update technologies designed for the business.

Simple Sharing

Regardless of internet bandwidth, Tekla enables sharing identical models from anywhere at any time. This improves teamwork amongst the teams.


There is always room for progress, regardless of your level of BIM proficiency. With our available Tekla online bim courses, you may enhance your abilities by earning Tekla Certification and getting the most out of your software.

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