Why Less is More While Living in Gurgaon

The new generation of homeowners and renters is choosing the option of renting furniture rather than purchasing it and other home items. Perhaps the furniture you desire is too expensive, or you simply want to avoid purchasing and moving furniture when you’re renting an apartment or a home. Instead of accumulating and hoarding everything, today’s generation aims for a minimalist lifestyle. You can now rent various items, from clothing to furniture, and not just rent homes.

Pros and Cons of Living in Gurgaon

Life satisfaction

Residents of Gurugram have long believed that large malls, the city’s connection to Delhi by the Metro, or app-based taxi services were related to a high quality of life. There was a utopian notion that everyone, especially those from Maharashtra or Gujarat, could afford a home, use the local transportation system, and be free to roam about safely while taking buses or auto rickshaws. To the surprise of many, Gurugram was ranked a dismal 88th in the Central Government’s ‘Ease of Living Assessment’ in 2018, whereas Delhi was ranked 65th. Prior to it, Ghaziabad was ranked the largest city and Faridabad 72nd.


The status of people living in Gurgaon is polarised; on one side, it is the ones extremely rich and on the opposite side are the ones living in slums. This rich class comprises mostly people working in international firms headquartered in Gurgaon.

Living Conditions

When in Gurgaon, you’ll learn that it is not just an elite and appealing region but also notice that it has hills of garbages left uncleaned. It has many potholes which pose great risks to people’s safety. Gurgaon is known to get easily flooded when even there is not much rainfall.

Food Expenses

It is highly expensive to go dining out in Gurgaon. It also depends on the individual and their income and how much they can afford to eat outside. Even still, the place has an average cost of food higher than in Delhi. You can save gas bills by purchasing an induction stove. It is a good option for bachelors living by themselves.

Rental Accommodation

The rent rates depend on the location you choose to stay in Gurgaon. You can expect 1 BHK or 2BHK for around ₹ 6-7k if you are a bachelor. You can manage well if you share the flat with others your age. Also, families moving to Gurgaon should be prepared well to spend hefty amounts on renting a house as the place is more than the average price you’ll find elsewhere in the Delhi-NCR region. Other essential expenses like utility bills, food, domestic assistance, etc., will add up, and it would become important to strategise your expenditures. You can also take furniture on rent in Gurgaon instead of purchasing it.


Gurgaon has less access to public transportation facilities relatively than other cities. You might have to spend on buying and using a private vehicle to travel around. It will be a one-time high expense, so you must spend it wisely.


Living in Gurgaon is more expensive than in any other city where working professionals reside. You have to think about every little expense that you spend on just the essentials only. It could be a struggle at first when you move to the city, but it becomes easier as you learn to spend sensibly. It helps save your money for future purposes if you utilise the money in the right manner.

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