Yamato Flashback Arrestor

gas welding And measures to prevent danger from back fire (Yamato Flashback Arrestor). In principle, gas welding is a welding process that uses the combustion of acetylene gas mixed with oxygen gas. (Oxy-acetylene Welding) Flame from burning at the tip of the welding head, causing the metal to melt and then adding the welding wire to the melting metal well. Gas welding is commonly used for light welding work that uses a thin metal name such as welding for car body repairs, air duct welding. Automobile exhaust pipes or pipe welding in various chemical industries, etc.

Dangers caused by gas welding

Gas welding head (Torch), although it has been designed to have good performance however. But it is still dangerous in itself, that is, a flashback phenomenon may occur on the gas welding torch. A fire or explosion at a device during gas welding, such as an explosion at a torch or an explosion of a gas or oxygen hose (Hoses) connected between a torch and a Regulator, or an explosion at a Regulators, and the most severe is Explosion at an oxygen or fuel gas tank All of them are caused by All flashback phenomena occur wapmallu.

What is Flashback?

Backflash is a phenomenon that the fire (Flame) back from the Torch into the gas line through the Regulator to the fuel gas cylinder (Fuel Gas Cylinder) at the same time, oxygen will flow into it by force. reactions resulting from the fire In order to cause continuous combustion (Sustain Combustion), in other words, Flame back from the Torch into the oxygen line through the Regulator to the oxygen tank. Burns to produce Sustain Combustion. loudtronix The velocity of fire (Flame Velocity) during flashback is very fast. Flame velocity can be as high as 2 times the speed of sound, about 2,000 feet/s or 1,400 miles/hour.

Backflash can be caused by several reasons:

– Incorrect assembly of gas welding nozzles (Torch)

– Drain gas (Purge) that remains in the gas line and torch before welding is not correct.

– Incorrect operating pressure

– Wrong selection of Torch tip

– The gas passage in the Torch is clogged.

– The gas line is damaged or leaking and sparks cause a fire.

– Use the distance of the tip to the workpiece that is not welded correctly.

– There is a gas fence at the Regulator, Hose or Connection, resulting in a decrease in pressure. The gas at high pressure then flows back to the other side, etc 9xflixcom.

Flashback Protection Measures

We can prevent reverse power by installing flashback protection devices. Arrestors) which must be installed at Gas Welding Equipment 4 points as follows:

  1. Exit of Oxygen Regulator
  2. Outlet of Fuel Gas Regulator
  3. Torch handle on the side connected to the oxygen line
  4. Torch handle on the side connected to the fuel gas line

Flashback Arrestors are flashback arrestors during gas welding.

generally consists of The three main structures are:

  1. Non-Return Valve is a valve that controls the flow in one direction.
  2. Flame Arrestor is a reverse fire absorber or extinguisher.
  3. Thermal Cut-Off Valve is a thermal catcher. The tongue will close the flow immediately. when heat occurs

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